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Our Philosophy

At Forge Homes we believe in not just being an agent but a consultant.  We are constantly reviewing and learning all aspects of real estate so we can be as knowledgeable as possible for our clients.  We all should be local experts so we can advise our clients on the best neighborhoods to live in and what school systems to be a part of.  Not only do we strive to meet all of our clients needs in a timely manner we are all willing to go that extra mile for our clients.



At Forge Homes we believe mentorship is the key to early and continual success in the real estate industry. With an in house broker, lawyer and construction supervisor, we have the experience and knowledge to help train you on any facet of the real estate industry.  Meetings are not just to talk about business but to also train on current real estate issues.  The real estate landscape is always changing and we make sure that you are up to date on all the dynamics of being a modern realtor.

If you ever have a question at any time of the day you can call an industry expert to iron out the issue or shed light on a subject.

Escalating Commission Structure

Please call us today to find out about our Escalating commission structure.  The more you sell the higher commissions you bring home.


Residual Income

At Forge Homes we also offer residual income.  Every time you bring in an agent to the Forge family, you receive a commission off of their performance.

In House Media For Your Marketing

We take marketing very seriously.  Whether it is a custom flyer, pictures or website, we take care of it inhouse.  With our staff tech support we can handle Photoshop requests, Photoshoots, Website Design.  We can take professional photos and create amazing videos of houses that you are trying to market.

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