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Wide Ranging Expertise + Core Values = Success

Some of our advisory team’s unique areas of expertise that no other firm can match include:

  • Expert Home Listing Team
  • Dedicated Buyer Agents
  • In House Real Estate Attorneys
  • Allied Lending Services
  • In House Licensed Contractor
  • Professional In-House Media and Design

The ideals that drive Forge Homes Real Estate Brokerage forward can be separated into core values that guide our decision making:

  1. Commitment to Excellence – Commitment in all we do for our internal and external customers. First rate and superior service. Ownership of the outcome.
  2. Integrity – High standards of honesty and strong moral principles. Doing the right thing all the time with no exemption.
  3. Innovation – progressive, enlightening forward-thinkers who seek out new ideas and utilize technology for better solutions and streamlined processes.
  4. Fearlessness – Able to take on challenges, difficult situations, demanding customers and tight deadlines without being reckless. Always engaging in critical thinking.
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Many companies create core values for the sake of creating them, but they don’t always live up to their own standards. Here at Forge Homes, we truly use these values to drive every aspect of our business. We believe that our core values are the inspiration that keeps our team united and working toward a common goal. When core values are not taken seriously, it really weakens their importance and can lead to conflict and disconnect within the organization.


Our Home Listing Approach

Our homes are our most valuable and cherished assets. That’s why it’s important to work with a trusted partner who has a deep understanding of the real estate market and who can expertly price a property to help you find the highest possible offer in a timely manner. We will inform you of marketplace realities and market your home with the most comprehensive strategy in the business, utilizing nearly 30 syndicated advertising and online platforms, so that it attracts the greatest number of qualified buyers.

We have an unparalleled advisory team that knows how to identify qualified buyers, skillfully negotiate, interpret complicated financial statements, recommend appropriate staging, recommend and assist with contracting and landscaping, produce custom marketing materials with exquisite photography, and weigh or anticipate other factors that can make or break a deal.  Our advisory team makes the entire real estate process seamless, efficient, and customer friendly.

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Forge agents provide every seller with a program tailored specifically to their needs. This is one of the advantages we offer as an independent, privately held firm. With an unequaled level of discretion and personalized attention, our clients enjoy the best of both worlds: a company that is small and nimble enough to meet your needs, with the essential infrastructure and resources of a large firm.


Advantages of Working with a Buyer’s Agent

Having an exclusive buyer’s agent on your side means more than just helping you find a great home. Your agent will also:

    • Use knowledge and experience to help you navigate local market conditions
    • Act as an advocate for the buyer during the entire homebuying process
    • Actively negotiate price and terms strictly on behalf of the buyer
    • Along with our Broker Attorney, prepare necessary contracts, forms,  and written offers
    • Along with our Licensed Contractor, schedule property inspections, as well as provide advice regarding necessary improvements and repairs
    • Consult with the buyer about financing options, including personalized solutions from our allied Mortgage Brokerage
    • Attend the loan closing to help address any last-minute details and questions
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The bedrock of any long lasting relationship is trust.  We keep buyers updated, prepare them for each step, and prioritizing their goals as our own.  While this may sound like a given, many home buyer’s agents lack the expertise or communication skills that allow us to keep buyers informed and updated.  We understand that the home buying process is unfamiliar territory to many clients and we want to alleviate fear and avoid pitfalls.  Even if the news isn’t exactly great, we understand that the more information that you have involving the process and your hard earned money, the better you will feel about the process. Purchasing a home isn’t just a matter of writing a check — it’s an extensive course of events designed to protect you.  We want you to understand why these things are necessary as the closing process is complex and will be and will be thoroughly explained.


Legal Expertise and Insight

Having Attorney Brokers allows our buyers to gain a more comprehensive view of the entire closing process, from contract signing to closing.  We allow our buyer’s to utilize the services of our attorneys at deeply discounted rates, or seek the services of outside counsel.   We always recommend using an attorney as it makes good business sense because of the growing complexities that come along with the real estate closing process. An experienced, competent real estate attorney can help to protect your interests and ensure that your real estate transaction adheres to the applicable rules of your state/municipality.

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Building and Construction Experience

Having Real Estate Agents with a backgrounds as licensed general contractors can add tremendous value for both our listing and buyer clients.  You may need advice regarding work to be done in order to maximize profit when you sell your home.  As a buyer, you may want to know what to expect with regard to your new home, including projecting pricing for contemplated remodeling needs.  Whether it’s brownstone remodel in Boston’s Back Bay or additions on your family’s home in the suburbs, our team’s expertise can provide great insight and direction.

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Professional Mortgage Advice

Our allied lenders are always there to assist our clients with all of their mortgage questions and needs.  Buyer clients are able to get advice on lending limits, credit, and obtain same day pre-apporvals.   Our listing clients may utilize our partner lenders in order to verify buyer funds and general credit worthiness.  Our lenders offer the lowest rates and often can close with no closing costs with specialized mortgage products for first time buyers and investment property buyers.

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